Post Tropical Screening

35% of asymptomatic people returning from travel had parasitic infections

Whitty et al 2000

What is post tropical screening?
This service is a screening clinic for tropical infections in travellers who are worried about specific exposures.

Who is eligible for post tropical screening?
In order to be eligible for this service you must have no symptoms at the moment. Your last possible exposure needs to be at least three months ago.

What is included in the appointment/service?

  • A consultation with a specialist nurse: to discuss your travel history, exposures and concerns
  • Stool testing looking for worms and parasites such as giardia
  • Blood tests for parasites (schistosomiasis/Bilharzia and Strongyloides)
  • Blood tests to screen for blood borne viruses (HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C)
  • A telephone follow up consultation and medication if required for positive results
  • A letter containing your results and suggested management plan

How can the service be accessed?
We run this service on both the NHS and privately.

NHS: requires a referral by your GP via the electronic referrals system.
Private: please book via the HTD Travel Clinic. The private screening fee is £280

We do not offer a walk in service, all appointments require prior booking.

Where and when do the clinics run?

The hospital for Tropical Diseases Outpatient Cinic
2nd Floor Mortimer Market Centre
Capper Street
London WC1E 6JB
Friday 2-4.30pm.

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